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Traditional herbal Native American ceremonial smoking mixture containing Bear Berry, Mullein leaf, Red Willow bark, Osha root and Yerba Santa.

Non-irritated. Non-GMO. Wild crafted and cultivated, grown and processed without chemical fertilizers or pesticideS.

Kinnick kinnick (aka kinnikinnik) is a traditional mixture used when smoking the sacred pipe (or peace pipe). It is made from five different traditional herbs, each bringing a different attribute to the mixture. It is also acceptable to burn it separately, say in a shell or bowl without a pipe.

Yerba santa is widely used by Native Americans and was particularly famed for its ability to ward off negativity and provide an element of protection. The leaves were often carried by individuals to boost their spiritual strength and, in incense form; it's still used today in a healing capacity. As such, it's an ideal incense to choose if you want to bring an air of healing, protection or increase positive vibes in an environment.

Bearberry leaves are used during ceremony, as they contain antiseptic and astringent properties, which help cleanse and purify the air.

North Americans view osha root as having great power and luck, and as such it's often carried as a lucky talisman. When burnt, it produces a warm and slightly spicy aroma, which is believed to purify the air and also help connect to the higher realms.

Red Willow bark: Willows are regarded by Native Americans as being relatives of the four winds and carries your prayers on the wind and communicates them to the creator. The bark works well in incense and is an important ingredient in sacred smoking ceremonies. It's calming and soothing, making it an ideal herb for use with clearing purposes and during quiet sessions of meditation.

  1. Mullein is regarded as being a protection herb and is used in many situations where extra protection is required. It's also thought to have masculine energy and associations with fire - some traditions have used it when trying to invoke fire elementals - but it's equally helpful when used by men or women. It is a grounding, calming and healing herb.

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